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airSlate is a global SaaS technology company with a suite of easy-to-use and quick-to-implement solutions that empower 100+ million users to seamlessly customize, collaborate, and scale their document workflows and marketing processes through the power of automation.

From editing PDFs and eSigning documents to scaling landing page development and automating document workflows, airSlate helps businesses unlock new levels of productivity to hit goals faster with less effort.

airSlate integrates seamlessly with Salesforce to automate document creation and processing, instantly update Salesforce records, and move data across different cloud platforms, improving customer and employee satisfaction along the way.

SUMO Scheduler

SUMO Scheduler, a leading Salesforce ISV partner for over 16 years, provides automated Appointment, Event, & Field (Outside) Sales scheduling tools to Salesforce users.

The all-in-one Customer Engagement Platform, built fully native on Salesforce, seamlessly integrates into the existing customer journey touchpoints & lets people make appointment bookings on any device at any time with the right person.

By offering cutting-edge technology and automated appointment scheduling solutions, SUMO allows enterprise-level sales and support teams to focus on what matters the most - generating new business and improving customer experience instead of managing existing appointments and routine administrative tasks.

SUMO’s omnichannel platform with powerful features such as automated reminders, customizable self-scheduling sites, and Salesforce-native analytics tools, guarantees an appointment with no overlap on any device and in any time zone. Trusted by leading organizations, including the Fortune 500, healthcare, government, and universities to deliver an exceptional customer experience, SUMO completely automates appointment scheduling and delivers simple yet effective solutions for continuous business growth.



CalendarAnything helps you manage your schedule seamlessly by visualizing all your Salesforce data in one place. CalendarAnything works with any industry, allowing users and admins to create custom calendars using any Salesforce object and date field. Easily overlay business events, sales opportunities, and production schedules with your personal Outlook or Google calendar to avoid double-booking.

Plus, CalendarAnything's Availability Scheduling feature lets you and others book meetings and resources directly, making it perfect for lead generation and improving efficiency. For more information, visit CalendarAnything.

As part of Mphasis, Silverline provides strategy, advisory, technical implementation, and ongoing managed services to enable organizations to achieve maximum value with the Salesforce platform. For more information visit:


CapStorm is a Salesforce data management platform that provides a pathway to ownership and control over your Salesforce data and metadata.

Whether you need better sandbox seeding, verifiable backups, more robust analytics, data migration solutions, or assistance with regulatory compliance, CapStorm has you covered!


Conquer makes selling smarter by delivering intelligent sales insight, engagement, and automation. We enable you to make more connections, drive higher quality engagements, and close more deals. Conquer works natively inside of Salesforce to connect your sellers with your economic buyers faster, with less effort and better results.

Backed by over 15 years of engineering, Conquer is a trusted Independent Software Vendor (ISV) partner for Salesforce, the largest CRM ecosystem. With over 400 5-star reviews on the Salesforce AppExchange and the largest sales engagement deployments within those ecosystems, Conquer is trusted by enterprise organizations such as ADP, Waste Management, Paychex, and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.


Unlock the power of your data with intelligent process automation by DBSync. Streamline operations, improve customer satisfaction, and optimize decision-making effortlessly. Our solutions offer a unique blend of robust functionality and user-friendly simplicity, earning us 5-star reviews. Partnerships with industry leaders including QuickBooks, Salesforce, Microsoft, Snowflake, and AWS ensure a seamless flow of data you can trust at a price you can afford. With a dedicated team guiding you from implementation to success, automate your business processes confidently. Experience the power of technology with a human touch and unleash the full potential of data to power your business.

Digital Additive

Digital Additive is an Atlanta-based email and eCRM focused agency specializing in Salesforce Marketing Cloud. In a world of one-size-fits-all communication, Digital Additive delivers on the promise of one-to-one. Fluent in data and technology, we craft messages that resonate; our nimble approach meets or exceeds our clients’ goals and builds lasting customer relationships.

Meaningful digital experiences aren’t accidental; they’re smart, thoughtful, strategic conversations — and Digital Additive makes them look easy. We don’t talk at people; we engage them in genuine dialogue. Digital Additive harnesses the power of real connection, smart data, and expert execution.

Authentic connection, real relationships: that’s messaging done right. We get that. And it drives us every day, every communication, to do it smarter than everyone else.


FormAssembly is the data collection platform that transforms how organizations collect, connect, and protect data. The industry’s most trusted solution, FormAssembly empowers over 5,500 organizations to streamline data collection with a customizable form builder and form automation, seamless integrations with essential applications, and best-in-class security, privacy, and compliance standards.


Neostella is a global enterprise software and solutions company that empowers organizations with the technology resources they need to exceed goals and push the boundaries of what is possible. Offerings include Legal Solutions, Work-Relay process and workflow solutions for Salesforce, Robotic Process Automation, and Application Integration. In addition to technology solutions, Neostella provides a wide range of professional services designed to help customers reap maximum ROI from their technology investments. With offices in four countries around the globe, the Neostella team is committed to providing exceptional customer support 24/7.

Work-Relay is a Salesforce-native application that helps manage complex processes such as order fulfillment, product installation, custom manufacturing, onboarding, and franchisee management.

It ensures the right work gets to the right resources in the right sequence and timeline, and accelerates the delivery of products or services to end-customers by providing a Salesforce-native workflow solution that:

  • Automates complex workflows
  • Coordinates work across individuals, teams, and systems
  • Provides a single system of record

Own is the leading data platform trusted by thousands of organizations to protect and activate SaaS data to transform their businesses. Own empowers customers to ensure the availability, security, and compliance of mission-critical data, while unlocking new ways to gain deeper insights. By partnering with some of the world’s largest SaaS ecosystems such as Salesforce, ServiceNow, and Microsoft Dynamics 365, Own enables customers around the world to truly own the data that powers their business.

We are Peeklogic, a Salesforce Consulting Company.

Established in 2015, Peeklogic is a privately-held company specializing in Salesforce Consulting and extensive AppExchange Development.

With a team size of 80+ employees, Peeklogic operates from its headquarters in Austin, Texas, USA, and has an R&D locations in Ukraine and Poland

We provide tailored Salesforce solutions that streamline workflows, enhance communication, and align with your business goals.

  • 🛠 Extensive Salesforce implementation and support, including tailored services for CPQ, Pardot, Salesforce Sales and Marketing Clouds, EinsteinAnalytics.
  • 🏭 Deep specialization in sectors like Real Estate, Ecommerce, Healthcare, IT, and Telecom.
  • 🔗 Seamless integrations with a range of external systems.
  • 🔍 Salesforce Health Check including financial and technical audit.
  • 🛎 Ongoing support and development for continuous improvements through our Managed Services.

Featured AppExchange Products

  • Peeklogic Jira Connector
  • Peeklogic Report Sender
  • Smart Duplicate Manager
  • Peeklogic Backup Tool

200+ Salesforce certificates, 200+ completed projects, 5.0 rating on Clutch and AppExchange. Interested in transforming your Salesforce experience? Contact us at for a consultation.

Platform Technologies

Platform Technologies™ is a relatively new Salesforce AppExchange (ISV Add-on) tool that enables CRM teams to implement Salesforce Best Practices with ease. Our product is called the Blackbelt Toolkit™. The Blackbelt Toolkit currently offers 5 feature-rich tools within the toolkit:
  1. A Trigger Framework product to give you configurable control of your Apex code
  2. An Error Management product to aggregate Salesforce-generated or application-generated errors, categorize, control and react to them as appropriate - including notification of administrators and/or publishing events for your enterprise integration solution
  3. A Rules Engine so you can externalize application-layer business logic into declarative and configurable rules that allow you to easily change them frequently
  4. A Test Class Manager product that auto-detects Test classes that no longer work as expected due to changes in your underlying data model (validation rules, required fields) or changes in related code
  5. An Approval Process simplification tool to allow multiple users (e.g. managers in a list or hierarchy) to approve records prior to entering your approval process(es). This potentially hierarchical list of users can be easily configured and changed frequently and avoids relying on highly complex approval processes or Role Hierarchy in order to determine who the approvers are (both of which are highly problematic).

Our suite of Best Practice enablers for the Salesforce Platform including support for any/all applications on the Salesforce platform (e.g. Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Data Cloud, Platform Cloud, custom Apps, etc.). You can search for “Blackbelt Toolkit” on AppExchange or go to the following link



10K is an on-demand Salesforce consultancy designed for modern business. Our global team of vetted architecture, analysis, and consulting experts can start projects 50% quicker and with less hassle than traditional firms. With no minimum spend or lengthy contracts, 10K offers a more efficient way to accelerate innovation and enhance Salesforce ROI.


Foxit's award-winning document generation and eSign solutions come to Salesforce. Empower your teams with dynamic tables, eSign workflows, compliance, security, Salesforce Flows, and more.

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Copado empowers every Salesforce development team to plan, build, test, deliver and operate business applications with speed and confidence by unifying CI/CD pipelines and automated testing on one platform — all powered by integrated AI. Across the globe, 1,500+ customers and 95,000+ Copado Community members leverage our complete and extensible DevOps solution to scale Salesforce, accelerate time-to-value and achieve career success.


HIKE2 is a leading provider of Salesforce solutions, specializing in AI, data analytics, and advisory services. We cater to a variety of industries, including law firms, financial services, insurance companies, business service providers, and high-tech SaaS companies. Our cutting-edge approach integrates AI into the Salesforce platform, providing intelligent, automated solutions that enhance decision-making and customer engagement. We offer unparalleled data analysis and interpretation, enabling businesses to harness predictive analytics, personalized customer experiences, and streamlined operations. Our robust data and analytics services extend beyond standard implementations to provide deep-dive analytics, custom reporting, and actionable insights. We guide clients through digital transformations, ensuring that their Salesforce ecosystem is optimized for both current and future needs. Our team of Salesforce experts, AI innovators, and data architects and strategists deliver technologically advanced and strategically sound solutions that drive tangible business results.

K2 Partnering Solutions


K2 brings over 25 years of international experience and a proven track record that showcases our ability to navigate complex project requirements, adapt to various business environments, and consistently deliver high-quality Salesforce solutions that drive operational efficiency and business transformation on a global scale.



OneMerge is a flexible record merge solution which extends the standard Salesforce Duplicate Management features. Salesforce finds the duplicates, OneMerge automates merge to deliver standardised and compliant results.

Deduplication improves user productivity, reporting accuracy and optimises AI and Salesforce Data Cloud outcomes.

Simply defragment your Salesforce data, proactively manage data governance or implement a fully automated Single View of the Customer in Salesforce CRM.

OneMerge is low-effort to implement, scalable and secure; data never leaves Salesforce.

A Free Edition is available which supports basic use cases.

Palladin Technologies

Coffee Break

As a Salesforce Crest Partner based in Atlanta, GA, we support clients across geographies, industries and market segments adapt, transform and effortlessly navigate the path to rapid scalability.