The native way to manage Grant Deliverables

2:15 PM - 2:40 PM

Conference 4


In this session I’ll demonstrate how our organization takes advantage of out of the box Salesforce functionality to manage Grant Deliverables. How we have been able to stay on top of deadlines for proposals and reports, as well as managing the owners and teams involved in the process, all with native no code functions.

The process of applying for Grants can be a massive undertaking, where teams often resort to the familiar excel sheets or another manual variation of that. Where instead, they can take advantage of the Deliverables Object in Salesforce, and have a cumbersome process turn into easy flowing steps within the tool they are already familiar with and where they already manage donations.

The attendees will walk away with a 360-degree process of how to manage Grant proposals and reporting utilizing easily created custom fields, personal list views, scheduled reports, native Salesforce - Outlook plugin for email logging, and the difference between assigned Deliverables and Tasks.

This session will be especially helpful for small Nonprofits, that have team members wearing multiple hats and for organization that often have one person that is tracking and planning their future Grants applications all in their personal drives or even email boxes.

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Mirela Brown

Assistant Director Salesforce Operations

Institute for Justice

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