Plan Ahead with Salesforce: Tips for Admins

2:55 PM - 3:20 PM

Salon III & IV


Ideal for Beginner Admins (or up to Intermediate Admins with little support) this session provides a grab bag of tips and tricks to make life as an Admin easier by showing how to plan ahead with Salesforce. There are many struggles as an Admin, including but not limited to, keeping an eye on data usage and storage, and frequently being surprised by release schedules that always seem to conflict with internal project needs. This short session includes tips on how to address issues such as: Planning for Releases efficiently, Keeping an eye on licenses and Data Storage, Planning ahead to move away from technology that will be retired (like field level permissions on profiles), Working with Stakeholders honestly and effectively on Projects, and Using Setup Audit Trail or Scheduled Exports to keep data that may need to be referenced in the future. Admins who attend this session should walk away with a better idea of how to leverage Salesforce to help them plan ahead for company needs.

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