Navigating Success with Salesforce Maps

2:15 PM - 3:45 PM

Salon IV


This session is designed to explore the capabilities and benefits of Salesforce Maps, a powerful tool that integrates geographical data into Salesforce's CRM platform. Aimed at sales and marketing professionals, as well as Salesforce administrators and consultants, this workshop will delve into how Salesforce Maps can optimize territory planning, customer engagement, and overall sales strategies.

The session will begin with an introduction to Salesforce Maps, highlighting its core features and the value it brings to businesses. Attendees will learn how Salesforce Maps enables the visualization of CRM data on a map, allowing for more strategic planning and decision-making.

Participants will be taken through a series of interactive demonstrations that showcase how to use Salesforce Maps for various business applications. This includes territory management, route planning, and analyzing geographic data to identify sales trends and opportunities. The demonstrations will provide practical insights into how Salesforce Maps can be leveraged to improve efficiency and effectiveness in field sales and marketing efforts.

This session is ideal for anyone looking to enhance their Salesforce CRM strategy with geographical insights, improve field sales and marketing efficiency, or simply gain a comprehensive understanding of Salesforce Maps.

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Kyle Gause

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