How to create your very own Salesforce CLI Custom Plugin

4:00 PM - 5:30 PM

Conference 2


Do you have a Salesforce project or environment that requires you to perform certain manual tasks over and over. Does your Salesforce project require some specific steps or environment unique tasks that you would prefer to simplify and automate? Does the Salesforce CLI not have a feature that you think would be a great addition? If so then maybe building your own custom Salesforce CLI Plugin might be the answer for you.

In this hands on training, we will:

  • Get an overview of custom plugins and examine various use cases that might be a good fit for a custom plugin
  • Walk through the basics of how to setup your development environment to do custom plugin development.
  • Get an overview of the Typescript language which is the most common programming language for custom plugins
  • Do a simple exercise of a simple plugin and learn how it make available for other Salesforce professionals to install and use.
  • Learn about Salesforce’s Open Source custom plugins and how they serve as great examples of how to learn more about this special type of development.

Photo of John M. Daniel

John M. Daniel

Senior Director of Digital Platforms