Holy Documentation, Batman! How a Simple Template Can Be Your Salesforce Robin

2:15 PM - 2:40 PM

Salon III & IV


Documenting changes to your org can feel like a waste of time when you have busy days and tight deadlines. It is all too tempting to leave documentation for later...or never. This session is for solo admins or small teams that might not have the resources or time to implement a paid tool or complex process. The best documentation we can do is the kind we'll do consistently...so let's keep it simple and functional. In this session I'll share the templates that have become my favorite project sidekick. These templates are helpful from project start to finish - and best of all - the documentation gets created along the way so it's ready to roll when you are. Let's hop in the Bat Mobile and discover how documentation can be the Robin to your Salesforce Batman!

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Marie-Angela Della Pia

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Cloud Giants

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