Everyone Can Git It! Version Control for Admins

4:00 PM - 5:30 PM

Salon IV


This hands on course would be planned off my Git for Admins course which is planned to launch on the Gearset DevOps Launch Pad in May 2024 (do not work for Gearset, a collaborative project, because I am that passionate about DevOps and Git for Admins).

Objectives: I want attendees to walk away empowered that Git isn’t mysterious or just for developers. This training is to break down the elements of version control and give hands on learners a guide from a declarative point of view, i.e. why use Apex examples when page layouts, picklists, and permissions are much more common in our day to day.

Since hands on trainings go quicker than expected, the DevOps launch pad course is meant to give attendees, ideally something review before hand, but if not before a comprehensive resource for later.

Main elements of the hands of training will include:

  • A tour of Github (but a nod to other platforms).
  • Branching Strategy, and best practices.
  • How to understand XML and folders.
  • Pull Requests and Merge conflicts.
  • Special considerations like source vs metadat api, data, vlocity/salesforce industries.

Hang-On for Hands On.

  • Fork a prepared repo and make their own branch with simple change (yes even declarative admins can too!).
  • Create a pull request. And I will be shocked if we don’t get a merge conflict to resolve. But will have one prepared just in case.
  • Once the release branch is prepared, explain what it means to then deploy it to the target.

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EJ Sherman