Creative Strategies for Squeezing the Most Out of the New Nonprofit Cloud for Fundraising

3:35 PM - 4:20 PM

Conference 4


With Salesforce pointing all of its energy towards the new Nonprofit Cloud, we're going to gently waive bon-voyage to the NPSP for fundraising, and squarely focus on the future of this brand new technology. Transform your fundraising approach with creative and innovative strategies. Discover how to leverage Salesforce for engaging potential donors, managing campaigns, and creating a fun, interactive donor experience that not only raises funds but also builds lasting relationships. We'll cover an overview of Nonprofit Cloud for Fundraising module, compare it to the NPSP, talk about feature-specific insights, share benefits for fundraising and development professionals, and walk-through real-time outcome reporting for better visibility in your data. It's an action packed session for any nonprofit leader or consultant that manages fundraising data in Salesforce.

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