CPQ for Salesforce 101 - What Are Your Options?

9:45 AM - 10:30 AM

Salon I


CPQ for Salesforce can mean all sorts of things - from Simples Quotes to Complex Proposals.

This session is to provide a foundational understanding of all the options available for CPQ for Salesforce.

We will cover the various ways businesses do CPQ for Salesforce

  1. Basic (via Standard Salesforce objects)
    • Using Salesforce Opportunities w/Opportunity Products
    • Using Salesforce Quotes
  2. Light CPQ
    • Using Standard Salesforce objects with AppExchange Apps
  3. External CPQ
    • Using External CPQ / Quoting Apps that Integrate with Salesforce
  4. Native CPQ
    • Using Native CPQ Apps that are Built in Salesforce

Photo of Kuldip Hillyer

Kuldip Hillyer

Founder, CEO

Kugamon LLC

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