Are you an Effective Communicator?

3:35 PM - 4:20 PM

Conference B


Is your communication effective? Now that you have the salesforce knowledge, do your soft skills match?

When you are leading Discovery or Requirement sessions ... are you?

  • Constantly interrupted and challenged?
  • Faced with a firing squad of questions?
  • Maybe you have participants focused on sidebar conversations about the weekend or upcoming vacation plans.
  • Or worse! Attendees are quiet and don't seem to participate in discussions?

I don't know about you - but these types of situations make me feel intimidated!

As an Admin, PM, SA, a BA, really anyone who deals with a project team, ensuring your communication is effective plays an important part in the success of a project.

In this session we will explore the four key types of Communication Styles:

  • RED - the bullseye communicator, bottom line, cut the red tape, results driven.
  • YELLOW - the social butterfly, influencer, captivating story teller.
  • GREEN - the analytical process oriented, question asking, problem solver.
  • BLUE - the peacemaker, loyal, dedicated, heads down worker who avoids conflict.

Discover how to effectively communicate with each style:

  • Both verbally and in written formats
  • What are their strengths? weakness?
  • Anticipate their reactions when they are stressed or faced with a difficult situation.
  • Identify your own style and learn: (A) to communicate with someone that is opposite to your style. and (B) not to take their communication style personally.

People often say you need to be a PROFESSIONAL Communicator. I disagree. Being an EFFECTIVE Communicator is where the magic happens.

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