Across the APIs: A Roadmap to Salesforce APIs, Events, and Integrations

9:45 AM - 10:30 AM

Conference E


Join me on a journey across the network of Salesforce APIs and Integration options. This session is crafted for Salesforce Architects, Developers, or anyone aiming to understand the range of APIs and when and how to use them.

Our expedition spans the variety of Salesforce APIs, each designed to cater to specific integration scenarios and requirements. From the standard REST, to the newer GraphQL, onto the capabilities of the Salesforce Event API, we break down these options to give you the knowledge to navigate and leverage the right API for your specific integration challenges.

At the core of secure and efficient integration lies an understanding of authentication mechanisms. We swim in the OAuth Flows, giving you an overview of your options to secure and manage access.

Platform Events are now taking center stage as we explore their role in facilitating a near-real-time, event-driven architecture, transforming the way you interact with, and respond to, data within Salesforce.

This session will provide you with a summary of options available to you as you design a system where Salesforce is not just an island of data, but seamlessly connected with your other systems and workflows.

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