Rebuilding from the ground up: A nonprofit's redesign and implementation of Salesforce

2:15 PM - 2:40 PM

Conference 2


This session will describe the experiences of a legal services nonprofit’s redesign and implementation of their Salesforce after a previously failed implementation. The organization utilized lessons learned from their first implementation, which was not widely used and quickly outgrown by their fast-paced and ever-changing work. This new approach to design and implementation included a comprehensive visioning process, goal setting, and the involvement of key stakeholders. This presentation will highlight the challenges of the organization and how they were addressed and will present goals and desired outcomes for the new design and implementation, which is still in process. Attendees will learn from these lessons and walk away with information on how to build buy-in across business units and roles and what we learned as an organization throughout our redesign processes.

Photo of Sommer Delgado

Sommer Delgado

Research Assistant

Georgia Justice Project

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