Meet the Integration User: the hardest worker on your team

2:15 PM - 2:40 PM

Salon III & IV


Admins often make the mistake of using their own account to connect external systems to Salesforce. In the past, many integrations even recommended using a System Administrator user in order to gain broad access and avoid sharing and security limitations. More recently, the recommended best practice has been to use a dedicated Integration User. The cost of an additional license, or licenses, has often been a barrier for organizations of all sizes. However, as of this Spring, Salesforce will offer free and low cost Integration User Licenses. We'll talk about why having a dedicated user is important, how to set up the user, and some tips to keep in mind. You'll learn everything you need to know to set up a new integration. If you have an existing integration connected to an admin user, there's never been a better time to implement best practices! Except of course setting it up correctly from the beginning, which admittedly, would have been the best time. In that case, this is definitely the next best time!

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CJ Wilkerson

Technical Analyst

Craftsman Technology Group

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