Lock it Up - A guide to Privacy & Security in Salesforce

10:45 AM - 11:30 AM

Conference B


Worried about your data privacy & security? Probably the right time. With phishing emails hitting 3.4 billion in 2022, hacking through humans workflows and back door code is at an all time global high. With company sensitive information, customer & PPI data from employees housed in Salesforce and adjacent systems, having the right privacy program in place protects you and your customers from an embarrassing public displace of stolen data.

Pop in to this session and learn the ins and out of Administration of Salesforce's security to lock down your instance and protect your data. Explore the difference between human and bot attack while discussing the central pillars of architectural security in Salesforce and beyond.

Learning Points

  • Privacy and security in the modern climate - creating and understanding of a Privacy Ops
  • Creating an understanding of attacks, protection and client facing considerations
  • Differentiating between human workflow orchestration vs Direct Data, integration and infrastructure coverage. Architectural considerations with Salesforce and beyond
  • Human Workflow Orchestration in Salesforce - SSO, TFA, and other options for locking down you instance
  • Options for Privacy and Security at the core of your architecture

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Em Falk

Director Revenue Operations

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