I got 99 problems but Content ain't one

4:00 PM - 5:30 PM

Conference 4


To build a network/community most will say you need to post on LinkedIn... but what do we post about?

In this session we will use Salesforce Automation to generate content ideas and deliver them in a method that they prefer.

We'll create two (2) custom objects, a screen flow that runs on a custom app home page and/or lives in a custom button, two (2) scheduled flows that shuffle the order of your content every night and a formula with that flow to help generate random numbers to reduce repeat topics.

The point of this presentation is to display A LOT of different Salesforce functions (Flows [Screen, Scheduled, Loops, Collection Sorts, Collections, native Data Tables, and Pauses], formulas to generate random numbers, linking a flow to a custom button, custom home pages on app consoles, and custom objects).

Attendees will gain knowledge on how to incorporate all of these skills and create a fun project that they can use to grow their LinkedIn network and build connections over time that help them continue to learn more and grow their careers.

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