How to Execute a Discovery Effort with your People in Mind

3:35 PM - 4:20 PM

Conference 2

Business Analyst

During this session, a Salesforce certified architect and an experienced change management professional will walk through activities, best practices, and guidance on how to drive an impactful discovery effort. We look forward to sharing how we strengthen the solution approach and transformational direction by working in a complementary fashion during this phase. At the end of the session, viewers should take away an understanding of the discovery phase of an implementation, what Technical Architecture and Change Management do during this phase, and how they can work together for the success of the project.

Learning Objectives:

  • How to successfully set up an implementation with your people, business goals, and technological landscape in mind.
  • What are the goals of a discovery phase of a project?
  • What are the discussions to take place, and what expected artifacts/outputs will result from the discovery phase of a project by the Architects?
  • How can Change Management provide value from day 1?

Photo of Nicole Dreiling

Nicole Dreiling

Senior Principal - Salesforce Change Management Specialist


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Photo of Joshua Dreiling

Joshua Dreiling

Technical Architect


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