Help me Help you: The role of a Project Manager

3:35 PM - 4:20 PM

Conference 4


Are you a 'title' who assumes the role of a Project Manager on projects by default? Are you lost and frustrated by wearing multiple hats? Do you want to learn more about how successful Project Managers manage their time? In this session, we will share how to effectively manage your projects including how to avoid scope creep, manage client expectations, communicate and delegate effectively, and still deliver on time. If you have been in this role and want to learn how to navigate this rough terrain better, then this session is definitely for you. Join us and bring all your questions because we've got the answers!

Photo of William Amos

William Amos

Salesforce Implementation Project Manager

PMO Partners LLC

First Talk First SED

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Shaniqua Fields

Independent Consultant

Sfields Consulting

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