Fundamentals of Apex Enterprise Patterns

4:00 PM - 5:30 PM

Salon III


Organizing your application logic to ensure that it can meet the obligations of today while still being flexible enough to build upon tomorrow can be tricky. There is an element of planning that needs to occur. It helps to structure your codebase with certain themes/patterns to ensure this is possible.

Come learn the basics about Apex Enterprise Patterns, and why they can help shape your codebase to be useful, flexible, and able to be enhanced easier in the future.

The learning objectives include:

  • Introduction to the basics of Apex Enterprise Patterns:
    • Selector Pattern
    • Domain Pattern
    • Service Pattern
    • Unit Of Work Pattern
    • Application Factory Pattern
  • Learn how to organize your code base into specific purpose-focused units.
  • Learn how to identify opportunities to refactor your logic into more efficient, reusable components
  • Learn where you can get more information to help developers to continue to master these techniques

Photo of John M. Daniel

John M. Daniel

Senior Director of Digital Platforms