From a Low-value AMS to a Dream Community

2:55 PM - 3:20 PM

Conference 2


We’re a professional organization who started with a low-value Salesforce org, an AMS that was clunky and difficult to use, and limited (no) digital member benefits.

In the past 5 years we have re-built our org and harnessing the power of a Salesforce Community, replacing all outdated listservs with better networking opportunities via Chatter.

We also connected an online resource library via SSO, brought in event registration, process (application, membership, everything else), integrated our marketing platform, & Qualtrics.

We reduced 5 separate member logins to 1 for a seamless user experience and single source of truth. We consolidated and expanded data storage and utilization to achieve a sexier approach to segmented marketing and data governance.

Join us to learn about our 5-year journey and see the place our members now call their professional home.

Photo of Zeina Makky

Zeina Makky

User Experience and Systems Designer


She / Her First Talk First SED

Photo of Steve Pysnik

Steve Pysnik

Principal Consulting Manager

Cloud Giants

He / Him