Developer Console for Admins

2:55 PM - 3:20 PM

Salon III & IV


The developer console sounds like a scary place if you're not a developer. But trust me, it's a wonderful place for everyone. In this session we'll take a tour of the developer console, talk about what all the tabs do and how you can use them in your daily work. With the developer console you can direct queries without having to login to Workbench and edit data without having to visit the record page. Have a slow running report and want to figure out why? The developer console has you covered! We'll even dip our toes into the world of logging and deployments that can help you report issues to vendors or your internal development teams more efficiently. So let's uncover the possibilities that await inside the developer console!

Photo of Patrick Connelly

Patrick Connelly

Principal Software Engineer

Red Hat

He / Him MVP