Coding for Clicks

2:15 PM - 2:40 PM

Salon I & II


'Coding for Clicks' is the art of intentionally designing your code to be modified by configuration. As Salesforce developers, we spend most of our time squarely placed in the 'pro-code' realm. While a solution might require code, we can still enable our low-code and no-code colleagues by designing our solutions giving them levers to control our code's behavior via clicks. This presentation will focus on using tools such as custom metadata, custom settings, and custom objects to expose your code to configuration. Examples as well as recommended best practices will be discussed to provide guidelines and techniques. As a result, developers will be equipped with tools to enable their low-code/no-code colleagues, admins will be equipped with a framework for requesting configurable code from developers, and architects will be equipped with patterns for implementing configurable pro-code development.

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Nate Carpenter

Senior Enterprise Application Developer (Salesforce)


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