Advanced Reporting Tips & Tricks for New Admins

9:45 AM - 10:30 AM

Conference B


Are you a new Admin struggling to create reports for your team? Do you spend way too much time racking your brain trying to get data to present properly? You're not alone. Many beginner Admins spend hours trying to develop reports that should only take minutes to finish. This session will show you real examples of advanced reporting features that will make your job easier and provide greater value to your users. During this live demo you will learn how to use: Custom Summary Formulas, Row-Level Formulas, Unique Values, Cross Filters, Power of 1, Joined Reports, Buckets, and Custom Report Types. These tips will help you easily identify and present data, enable your marketing team to see Lead conversion rates and show sales reps revenue toward goal. The presentation will help you take your reporting game to the next level.

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Aaron Crear


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