Acceptance Criteria - Your Secret Weapon for Project Success

10:45 AM - 11:30 AM

Conference E

Business Analyst

Are you in the midst of or want to avoid a chaotic technical project? You know, the one where no one’s on the same page about what needs to get done, by when, and in what order?

Whether you’re a project manager, business analyst, administrator, developer, or consultant, very few people know how to run a project smoothly - and the best of the best use their secret weapon….high-quality acceptance criteria.

Join this 20-minute session to learn what acceptance criteria is, why it matters to your Salesforce project, and how to write picture-perfect criteria so that everyone is aligned and your project results flow seamlessly.

By using simple analogies to help you stay consistent, you will be able to walk away with an actionable framework you can deploy immediately to set your team and project up for success.

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Shahida Robertson

Senior Consultant

Slalom Consulting

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