Top 5 Things that Salesforce Admins should know about Marketing Automation (and vice versa!)

1:35 PM - 2:00 PM



Ever made a mass update to a bunch of records and learned after the fact that it triggered a bunch of emails to get sent out of a marketing automation platform? Ever been expected to manage unsubscribes in Salesforce? How did these duplicate leads get here?

As a Salesforce admin - you may be asked to help your friends in marketing (and maybe even their tools), but what if you don't have a background in marketing? How can you best support that team? Or - as a Marketer - you may be asked to work with the Salesforce team to facilitate a new workflow, lead routing, reporting, etc. If you don't have a background in Salesforce, how do I know what's possible or the best way to engage with the team?

In this session, we'll look at the relationship between the marketer and the Salesforce admin and share the top 5 things that every Salesforce admin should know about marketing automation and also share the top 5 things that every marketer should know about Salesforce.

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Brenda Glasser

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