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When arriving at a fine restaurant, known for its variety of decadent dishes, the first order of business is to familiarize oneself with the menu. Each time we create a new Flow, the first screen shows our menu of options (Flow types) along with a brief description. Picking the wrong dish can ruin a restaurant experience; likewise, picking the wrong Flow type can lead to frustrations and headaches and ruin an otherwise happy day of Salesforce solutioning. Just as a good waiter will talk us through our likes, dislikes, and curiosities to select the best dish; we need an understanding of the different Flow types to help guide us into selecting the best choice to meet our automation needs.

Attendees will gain a familiarity with best-practices, pros, cons, and use cases for the following Flow Types through illustrations and real-world examples drawn from my consulting experience implementing Flows for Piedmont Healthcare, Cox Automotive, and Facebook (Meta).

  1. Screen Flows
  2. Record-Triggered Flows and Platform Event-Triggered Flows
  3. Schedule-Triggered Flows
  4. Autolaunched Flows

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