Flow Design Patterns: Building with Flow at Scale

10:35 AM - 11:20 AM



Patterns are essential to how we understand and interact in daily life, providing a framework for how to interpret and respond to our world. Flow Design Patterns, paying homage to the role patterns play in traditional software design, brings this same concept to declarative automation and establishes a flexible approach for building with flow at any size.

Starting with a review of familiar patterns in Apex design and Process Builder, this session will build on those concepts to provide admins & architects with the ground rules for creating all declarative automation in flow. The transition to flow is demonstrated through the familiar process builder layout, allowing those newer to the tool to have the confidence they can use their existing skills to champion flow.

The session will establish rules for creating a flow framework that works in large, complex environments beginning with naming conventions that are standardized to provide easy Flow List View creation, mirror development terms (Trigger, Classes), and allow for easy componentization and reusability of flows. The focus shifts to how the 'one process per object' rule works with Flow Triggers; setting guidelines for how to keep control of your order of execution while managing increasingly complex automation needs.

The design pattern itself demonstrates how Flow Triggers, Flow 'Trigger Handles', and Flow 'Classes' work together to create an all encompassing approach to flow that is highly flexible, modular, and scalable. Attendees will leave ready to tackle a flow-only world, allowing them to apply their flow building capabilities inside of a systematic approach to declarative automation.

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