Dark Deployments & Strange Branches

3:00 PM - 3:45 PM

Buckhead A


Whether you are managing Salesforce and DevOps at a large and complex scale, while needing to complete and manage the release of long term, highly complex projects or dipping your toe in version control, we will provide you with tips and tricks to build your Devops program. To enable multiple teams working on numerous large projects, we've become adept at dark deployment strategies, as well as managing different, complex sandbox pipelines, including multiple QA environments merging to a single UAT environment. In this presentation we will go over dark deployment strategies, such as using "natural" barriers / switches such as Record Type, permission sets, or other differentiators for a feature, as well as using custom metadata or labels. We use dark deployment strategies to separate the release of code from feature go-live, enabling roll back to original functionality through a change of a label, or enabling the gradual roll out of new features to subsets of users.

We've dealt with some unique DevOps challenges due to the complexity and size of our Salesforce organization. To adapt we've been through some growing pains in how to do DevOps correctly, including bringing Devs and Admins on board to better practices and dark deployments. Hopefully by sharing some of our learned best practices, other organizations can have better DevOps implementations.

Marisa Taylor

Head of Salesforce Architecture & Engineering

S&P Global

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Tyler Damon

DevOps Architect

S&P Global

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