Custom Record-Triggered Flow Templates

3:15 PM - 4:45 PM



Kick-start your Flow design process by leveraging custom-made Flow templates that will save you valuable time and effort. In this hands-on session you will learn a simple but systematic method to building trouble-free, easy-to-maintain Templates for Record-Triggered Flows. We'll start with a fool-proof Naming Convention that will make documentation a cinch and keep all your Flows organized. Then, we will create a Flow On/Off switch using a Decision Element and Custom Settings so you can switch off all RTFs globally, by object, or individually. Next, we will add an "Is New" Decision (using a formula and variables) so you can Trigger the Flow when: "A record is created or updated" to consolidate the number of Flows you will need. And finally, we will create useful variables like "varFlowON" and "varDoNothing". By re-using a consistent design pattern, your Flows will not only be easier to read and debug, but also make any future refactoring a piece of cake.

Monica Sandberg

Salesforce Architect / Admin


She / Her First SED MVP