Build Your Own Automation Monitors and Save Yourself from Run-Time Errors

1:30 PM - 3:00 PM



Are you an admin, developer, or product manager that needs better visibility into Salesforce automations? Do you hate blind spots in your org? Us too! This session will briefly review Salesforce blind spots and then show you how to eliminate them, using 5 simple configuration techniques, including platform events, flows, and custom objects. In this session, we will create a working automation monitor that:

  • Can be created with no code
  • Can be utilized from code OR from Salesforce Flows
  • Handles escalation and communications automatically (including integration with Slack!)
  • Cleans up after itself (so you don't have log storage issues)

If you want to get 'under the covers' of your Salesforce automations and lose less time, chasing run-time bugs, this hands-on training is for you!

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