Blazing Trails with Salesforce Military

10:35 AM - 11:20 AM


End Users

How do you stand out in such an outstanding ecosystem? Empowerment from the Trailblazer community and involvement with the available programs. Salesforce Military has provided myself and many other talented veterans and military spouses the tools for a transformation--from whatever we were to Awesome Admins, Developers, and beyond! I didn't even know how to spell C-R-M when I was directed to the Trailhead site, but I was soon addicted. 30 badges in 30 days. 60 in 6 weeks. Ranger status in 2 months. From there, I connected with Vetforce, completed the ADM 201 course, and got certified. I want everyone to know how a veteran or military spouse can use these tools and change their career and life!

Yancy Whitaker


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